Review: Menard’s New Store In Livonia, Michigan

Menards Livonia

On a decidedly cool Wednesday afternoon, I rode out to the new Menard's on Middlebelt Road. I got an invite in the mail a few weeks ago welcoming me and other Contractors to come out and test drive their store.  I couldn't make the Monday afternoon program for Contractors Only, so I went today. The… Read Article

The Real Way to Hire A Home Improvement Contractor


There's a lot of articles about "How to hire a Contractor" on the Internet told by individuals who are the end consumers of the contractor's services, or are writers for various publications. Most of the advice they give is simply rehashed stuff they have read or formed an opinion of -- whether good or bad. … Read Article

Craigslist Follies: Investor looking for Contractors who finance

Craigslist Logo

I noticed this ad today in Metro Detroit Craigslist: Date: 2011-08-01, 4:18PM EDT Reply to: see below [Errors when replying to ads?] I am an investor. I just purchased 60 properties and will be purchasing more, I am seeking a professional construction company that can rehab my properties and receive payments as the homes are… Read Article

Customer Wants a Full Price Breakdown…

Haters gone hate

I took a sales call to do work on a home in a nearby residence.  The guy I went to see owns the home in a beautiful neighborhood 15 miles away.  He wants me to fix some drywall from a busted pipe that burst during the winter, install a new high-efficient toilet in the bathroom… Read Article

Concrete Canvass Shelter: A Tent That Turns Into A Building


Watch this pretty cool product: From a contractor's standpoint, concrete canvass could have many uses in our industry. It could possibly have uses in flat commercial roofing, and perhaps an easy to lay walkway, retaining walls, pipe protection, and whatever else you could think would benefit.  Perhaps outbuilding tool storage, lol. There's a 4 part… Read Article

SEO In 30 Seconds…


Well, not really 30 seconds.  More like a little over a minute! This is a great video.  These are the techniques that summarize what we should be doing to our websites to get more traffic and increase visibility to them.  The video is so fast, I kept having to pause it to read the pointers… Read Article

Contractors Are Buying Supplies And Then Returning Them


Here's the deal: some contractors are buying extra supplies on jobs and returning them for gift cards. But, I have to say that this news reporter is reporting a story with only half the information.  They need to track down the contractor and get his version of the story.  Then these videos can be looked… Read Article

A Face-to-Face Meeting Gets A Contract Signed


I just put together a bid for a potential customer.  He found me through my website, which is cool because that lets me know local people are finding us on the internet.  That's huge. So I went out to the prospect's condo a few days ago.  This guy is not a referral, so I don't… Read Article

A Guide To Covering The Remodeling Industry’s Rebound


Here's an interesting article I came across today: As the housing industry continues to weigh the economic recovery, experts anticipate its remodeling sector will buck the trend and takeoff this year as homeowners start spending on upgrades and renovations. Business reporters can gauge how their local remodeling market is recovering by turning to three key… Read Article

Are You Making Your Clients Feel Warm & Fuzzy?


Do the people who's homes you work in feel just as excited about their project as you feel about working there for them? Do they look forward to seeing your crew show up on time in the morning? Do the homeowners appear giddy with glee when you explain the procedures for the next work day… Read Article