Contractors Are Buying Supplies And Then Returning Them


Here’s the deal: some contractors are buying extra supplies on jobs and returning them for gift cards.

But, I have to say that this news reporter is reporting a story with only half the information.  They need to track down the contractor and get his version of the story.  Then these videos can be looked at with an objectionable eye.

In my opinion, 8 times out of 10 it is the homeowner’s fault when they don’t do due diligence in finding the right guy for their projects.  They just don’t check credentials, insurance, and other factors when determining who they hire to work in their homes.

The biggest factor a lot of these homeowners are concerned with is price.  They always seem to go with the cheapest guy!   Then, when sh!+ flies south, they call the news channels and harp out about how they were “wronged” by a bad contractor.  But don’t forget the word “cheap”.  You know the saying, “If it seems too good to be true…”.

Come on folks, really.  The public subsequently makes a determination that all contractors are the bad guys and the industry gets another black eye.  But what about the bad homeowner who always cries, “I’m a victim?”  You are not the victim.  You made the conscious decision to hire the cheapest guy.  Simple.  With choosing “cheapest” as part of the equation, it gives way to the likelihood of “unscrupulousity”. Is dat a wurd?

There are bad contractors out there — they will swindle the homeowner’s pet kitten if given half the chance.  There are also bad hairdressers, bad auto mechanics, and others who misrepresent themselves as professionals.  In my honest opinion, these people are not contractors — they are just working off the premise of being one.

So, Mr. Homeowner:  Don’t cry and fuss when you didn’t do your part to start — qualifying the tradesman.  Reputable Contractors cost — much more than a lot are willing to spend.  And they are busy.  When you are seeking a pro again, don’t go with the cheapest guy! you’ll pay for it in the end.

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  • OIF/OEF_Vet

    Plenty of bad contractors out there that look good on paper…
    He’s an example of one of the two different contractors that’s ripped me off recently:

    *Professionally licensed in three states (New England Area)
    *Fully insured
    *Great references provided (To include positive references from someone that had to call him back to a job site after completion to touch up an error)
    *Zero complaints on record with the BBB, State Contractor/licensing board, etc..
    *Zero negative reviews posted online (angieslist, franklinreport, ripoffreport, etc..)

    Regarding the how’s & why’s of how I was ripped off and scammed, I’ll save those details for after the legal litigation is over with. Suffice to say, blaming homeowners rather than pointing the finger at your unprofessional peers within your chosen profession is bullshit.

    • OIF/OEF_Vet

      Forgot to add…

      The contractor that was hired didn’t come in at the lowest price quoted, the choice to hire was based on what was perceived to be a higher level of professionalism, better credentials, and better references.

      • Admin

        I suspected it was the lowest price contractor of your choosing — in the beginning of my analysis. You cleared that up, so now where does that leave us? I don’t know. Two (2) contractors that ripped you off? That really is something to think about. As one of the good guys in the trades, I’m sorry that happened to you.

        Without the “hows” and “whys” of your bad experience, I can only guess at the reasons for the misfortune. Most legit contractors care about their licenses and keep their track records stellar. If you got burned by 2 contractors, maybe your expectations far surpassed what those “professionals” could provide. What did your contract say in regards to the scope of work?

        There are a lot of variables that need to be considered, but without any pertinent info, I cannot help you. If the contractor has any morals about himself, and wishes to keep this situation out of court, he/she should refund a portion of the money due you and keep a portion for the work they completed. Good luck.

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