Are You Making Your Clients Feel Warm & Fuzzy?


Do the people who’s homes you work in feel just as excited about their project as you feel about working there for them?

Do they look forward to seeing your crew show up on time in the morning?

Do the homeowners appear giddy with glee when you explain the procedures for the next work day?

If you answered no to any one question above, you may not be tweaking the “Referral Factor”.  The referral factor calls to the likelihood of a homeowner recommending you to their friends and family.  Great businesses are built on constant referrals, which can be thought of as the “snowball effect”.

The snowball effect can be explained like this:

Building a successful company is like a snowball rolling down a hill at the right temperature.  The snowball constantly picks  up more and more snow (referrals) as it rolls along.  By the time it reaches the level ground, the snowball has grown into a humongous boulder — if the snow is at the right temperature and sticks.  Warm and fuzzy.

The kind of snow I’d want to help build my snowball is the kind that makes a great snowman.  Sticky snow at the right temperature.

Is the snowball you rolled down the hill at too cold a temperature and none stuck to it?

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