Contractors Are Buying Supplies And Then Returning Them


Here's the deal: some contractors are buying extra supplies on jobs and returning them for gift cards. But, I have to say that this news reporter is reporting a story with only half the information.  They need to track down the contractor and get his version of the story.  Then these videos can be looked… Read Article

Plumber Takes The Pesos And Skidaddles


Emmit the plumber has been taking the homeowners for a ride.  He was to install a simple shower in a guy named Hank's basement.  Hank is in his 80's and says he couldn't find him if he had to. Hank paid $2,000 bucks and hasn't seen Emmit since! Gerald, another guy, hired him to fix… Read Article

Here’s an Interesting Article…

dude, wtf

So this Sunday I decided to surf a little an see what kind of goodies I could find and came across this ad in the well-known Craigslist website.  I thought this was worthy of a "WTF?" I was reading Craigslist ads and came across this post: Contractors be very careful of Property Management companies. Many… Read Article