Customer Wants a Full Price Breakdown…

Haters gone hate

I took a sales call to do work on a home in a nearby residence.  The guy I went to see owns the home in a beautiful neighborhood 15 miles away.  He wants me to fix some drywall from a busted pipe that burst during the winter, install a new high-efficient toilet in the bathroom… Read Article

Questions, Questions, Questions…

kick a soldier in butt

A contractor got a laundry list of questions from a prospective client.  They were posted on the Contractortalk forum: Member Heritage said: To make a very long story is one of my prospective clients. We haven't signed anything yet but since they had concept drawings for their reno & addition to their home, I… Read Article

Passion Equals Sales


I found this thread rather kick a** from the Contractor Talk forum: Original Post from -- katoman: I was thinking about how it is I've never been unemployed through good times and hard times. Not boasting at all. I think a big part of why I get work is because the customer sees the passion… Read Article

People Are Crazy


I found this thread rather kick a** from the Contractor Talk forum: Original Post from -- D Jones Const: People are crazy I started my business a couple of years ago and have had my ups and downs. I do not understand it seems that almost everyone I have worked for are crazy, unreasonable, Do… Read Article

Getting In Front Of The Right Customers

Mr. Krabs

"It's all about the benjamins..." I prefer to work for clients that want quality work done to their homes as opposed to clients that are more focused on the prices that others charge.  There will be little red flags that pop-up during the interview that tell me which type of customer I am dealing with… Read Article