Contractors Are Buying Supplies And Then Returning Them


Here's the deal: some contractors are buying extra supplies on jobs and returning them for gift cards. But, I have to say that this news reporter is reporting a story with only half the information.  They need to track down the contractor and get his version of the story.  Then these videos can be looked… Read Article

A Guide To Covering The Remodeling Industry’s Rebound


Here's an interesting article I came across today: As the housing industry continues to weigh the economic recovery, experts anticipate its remodeling sector will buck the trend and takeoff this year as homeowners start spending on upgrades and renovations. Business reporters can gauge how their local remodeling market is recovering by turning to three key… Read Article

Concerned Citizens Corner: Contractor Got Punched In the Mouth

The Official Contractor Watermark

So this contractor was contracted to do some patchwork in an area of Baytown.  A citizen got pissed off because the guy was runnin jackhammers at 6 am on a workday.  He was contracted to do cement repair work. [Six AM! C'mon!] The white male punch him in the mouth after telling the contractor, Edward… Read Article