Concrete Canvass Shelter: A Tent That Turns Into A Building


Watch this pretty cool product: From a contractor's standpoint, concrete canvass could have many uses in our industry. It could possibly have uses in flat commercial roofing, and perhaps an easy to lay walkway, retaining walls, pipe protection, and whatever else you could think would benefit.  Perhaps outbuilding tool storage, lol. There's a 4 part… Read Article

Slow Down…

slow-walking turtle

So, I got the contract signed with the homeowner and they are spending big mucho-lottah.  I sold my last job fully prepared and knowledgeable; clients love this kind of stuff!  Photo: I fully tailored their contract to hashed out agreements and ideas with them; they are on-board for a project start date: Monday.  Today… Read Article

The Gorilla Gripper: A Cool Contractor Tool


The Gorilla Gripper seems to be an incredibly useful new tool for guys out in the field.  This is especially great for the "one-man-show" type of home improvement contractor that works alone.  Check out the video: Here's the description from the company's profile: Are you straining your back, neck, shoulders and hands lifting plywood, drywall… Read Article

Bringing Professionalism Back To Contracting


I don't know about you, but being a professional in every aspect of your contracting business is so important today.  You must not overlook anything. Your company vehicle. For the small independent, you must attempt to obtain a newer vehicle sooner or later.  People will look at what kind of vehicle you drive up to… Read Article

Questions, Questions, Questions…

kick a soldier in butt

A contractor got a laundry list of questions from a prospective client.  They were posted on the Contractortalk forum: Member Heritage said: To make a very long story is one of my prospective clients. We haven't signed anything yet but since they had concept drawings for their reno & addition to their home, I… Read Article

Pesky Homeowner Peaks Over My Shoulder

Gladys Kravitz

Today was different.  A customer hired us to paint (2) - 10' x 12' back bedrooms, and install crown molding.  We advised the homeowners that any loose items should be either removed from the room or if items should stay, could they please move them to the center of the room as much as possible… Read Article

Where Is My Competition?


This spring will be a good season for contractors.  The writing is on the wall.  The recession is finally somewhat over and folks are starting to prepare for renovations to their homes. People are staying in the homes they own longer.  The banks aren't making the easy loans anymore.  Instead of shopping for larger homes… Read Article

Take Your Tools With You


It is beyond me why some contractors leave their tools at the job site overnight.  It is your livelihood.  Why the hell do they still do it? I make it a rule of habit:  NEVER leave any tools!  If you are to tired to pack your stuff up at the end of the day, you… Read Article

Why Shop At The Local Supply Store Instead Of Home Depot Or Lowe’s?

big mouth billy bass

Yesterday, me and a guy at Home Depot were discussing the reasons and differences for shopping at the local store or lumberyard when getting supplies for their business. After all, the big box stores carry tons of supplies; why just not go there?  I'd thought I would share some views on this topic. The big… Read Article

How To Pick The Best Employees


Running a small remodeling outfit can be a living hell if you have the wrong people working for you.  Micro-managing a bad employee induces periods of stress and anger. It doesn't have to be that way. Rule #1:  Hire people that are similar to yourself. That is the golden rule.  If an employee doesn't show… Read Article