How To Put Together A Custom Point Of Sales Package

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When it comes to sales, you'd better be ready when the opportunity presents itself.  Look at every open door invite to a prospect's home or business as a chance to refine your selling approach. Free Estimates. Companies just starting out should certainly offer free estimates because a regularly practiced dress rehearsal makes a sale.  I… Read Article

Eat Breakfast Or Wait ‘Til Later?


I have a pressing question.  How many of you guys eat breakfast before starting the day and how many wait 'til later, like lunchtime?  The reason I ask is because lately I've been having my regular coffee routine in the morning and go straight to the jobsite. Is it just me, or does it sorta… Read Article

Don’t Be A Slob When Service Calls

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Some contractors get a lot of flack when showing up at a homeowner's jobsite because of the way they are dressed.  The client will never tell you, but you should take your uniforms seriously.  They may not hire you again if your company appears unprofessional.  You may have all your credentials in line: being licensed… Read Article