Concrete Canvass Shelter: A Tent That Turns Into A Building


Watch this pretty cool product: From a contractor's standpoint, concrete canvass could have many uses in our industry. It could possibly have uses in flat commercial roofing, and perhaps an easy to lay walkway, retaining walls, pipe protection, and whatever else you could think would benefit.  Perhaps outbuilding tool storage, lol. There's a 4 part… Read Article

SEO In 30 Seconds…


Well, not really 30 seconds.  More like a little over a minute! This is a great video.  These are the techniques that summarize what we should be doing to our websites to get more traffic and increase visibility to them.  The video is so fast, I kept having to pause it to read the pointers… Read Article

Contractors Are Buying Supplies And Then Returning Them


Here's the deal: some contractors are buying extra supplies on jobs and returning them for gift cards. But, I have to say that this news reporter is reporting a story with only half the information.  They need to track down the contractor and get his version of the story.  Then these videos can be looked… Read Article

Are You Making Your Clients Feel Warm & Fuzzy?


Do the people who's homes you work in feel just as excited about their project as you feel about working there for them? Do they look forward to seeing your crew show up on time in the morning? Do the homeowners appear giddy with glee when you explain the procedures for the next work day… Read Article

The Gorilla Gripper: A Cool Contractor Tool


The Gorilla Gripper seems to be an incredibly useful new tool for guys out in the field.  This is especially great for the "one-man-show" type of home improvement contractor that works alone.  Check out the video: Here's the description from the company's profile: Are you straining your back, neck, shoulders and hands lifting plywood, drywall… Read Article

Where’s My Cart?

The Official Contractor Watermark

This homeowner went to Home Depot to get materials.  His shopping cart was just here!  Now he must locate it. He should have just let his contractor pick up the supplies! Okay guys. I'll admit it. I'm bored on a Saturday morning... Here's some more homeowners testing out the Door Guardian at the Depot: Hey… Read Article

Plumber Takes The Pesos And Skidaddles


Emmit the plumber has been taking the homeowners for a ride.  He was to install a simple shower in a guy named Hank's basement.  Hank is in his 80's and says he couldn't find him if he had to. Hank paid $2,000 bucks and hasn't seen Emmit since! Gerald, another guy, hired him to fix… Read Article

Contractor Tips Are Great!

The Official Contractor Watermark

Jim Kirkland gives some pretty good tips about contracting.  I thought I'd post it because I felt a hallelulah moment.  They are also hawking a software program towards the end.  I didn't pay too much attention to that! Here's the video~… Read Article

Concerned Citizens Corner: Contractor Got Punched In the Mouth

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So this contractor was contracted to do some patchwork in an area of Baytown.  A citizen got pissed off because the guy was runnin jackhammers at 6 am on a workday.  He was contracted to do cement repair work. [Six AM! C'mon!] The white male punch him in the mouth after telling the contractor, Edward… Read Article

Don’t Be A Slob When Service Calls

dont be a slob - service calls

Some contractors get a lot of flack when showing up at a homeowner's jobsite because of the way they are dressed.  The client will never tell you, but you should take your uniforms seriously.  They may not hire you again if your company appears unprofessional.  You may have all your credentials in line: being licensed… Read Article