SEO In 30 Seconds…


Well, not really 30 seconds.  More like a little over a minute! This is a great video.  These are the techniques that summarize what we should be doing to our websites to get more traffic and increase visibility to them.  The video is so fast, I kept having to pause it to read the pointers… Read Article

Review: Using Google Sketch-up And Time-lapse Videos To Gain An Edge

men on film in living color

Have you guys tried Google Sketch-up to gain an advantage when presenting the homeowner with illustrations of their project?  You can give a client a 3D rendering of their project -- straight to their inbox. This useful software tool combines a tool-set with an intelligent drawing system. It enables you to place models using real-world… Read Article

How To Submit Your WP Blog To Webmaster Tools


I spent the better part of a Sunday afternoon trying to submit a site to Google’s Webmaster Tools.  Not knowing the ins and outs of how to do certain things like submitting a blog; I dug into Google’s website. Google offers 3 ways for you to prove a site is yours by inserting code into… Read Article

Why Would A Contractor Use Twitter?


Using Twitter. Twitter is a way for you as a contractor to connect with new, potential customers as well as letting customers connect to you — with their project concerns, questions, warranty follow-up, problems, your work process, talk about your company with others, make recommendations or criticisms, and on and on and on. Twitter is… Read Article