Concerned Citizens Corner: Contractor Got Punched In the Mouth

The Official Contractor Watermark

So this contractor was contracted to do some patchwork in an area of Baytown.  A citizen got pissed off because the guy was runnin jackhammers at 6 am on a workday.  He was contracted to do cement repair work.

[Six AM! C’mon!]

The white male punch him in the mouth after telling the contractor, Edward Williams, that he was gonna come back and do it. (When did white guys get balls?)

The irate citizen comes back in 20 minutes, reaches around and punches the contractor to the ground.  The guy gets a simple assault charge and the guy says he hates the contractor.

The contractor says he has lived in Baytown for over 40 years and had to suffer through this type of bullsh!+ earlier.  The contractor feels that Baytown is going in the wrong direction; the popos and higher-ups ain’t doin’ nuthin!

I guess you have to stand up for yourself based on principos.  You stand up becuz racism is alive and well in Baytown… and other places…


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