Don’t Be A Slob When Service Calls

dont be a slob - service calls

Some contractors get a lot of flack when showing up at a homeowner’s jobsite because of the way they are dressed.  The client will never tell you, but you should take your uniforms seriously.  They may not hire you again if your company appears unprofessional.  You may have all your credentials in line: being licensed, insured, references, and glowing testimonials, but if you look disheveled, that can be a problem the client will remember forever.

The number one thing a customer will notice is your appearance.  Do you smell and are you clean-shaven?  I keep at least 3 extra shirts in my work truck because you never know what kind of messes you encounter during the normal work day.

We also wear booties (foot protection) when entering the client’s home and also we park on the street unless we are unloading materials.  Here’s a video that drives the uniform topic home:

Don’t Hire A Plumber With His Pants On The Ground

Guys.  I care!  Keep the company vehicle neat, clean, and in good working order. Never overlook the way you look; your clients surely will remember it all — whether good or bad.

Good luck.

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