Eat Breakfast Or Wait ‘Til Later?


I have a pressing question.  How many of you guys eat breakfast before starting the day and how many wait ’til later, like lunchtime?  The reason I ask is because lately I’ve been having my regular coffee routine in the morning and go straight to the jobsite.

Is it just me, or does it sorta seem that I work harder and I’m more focused if I don’t eat. Before that, I would eat a semi-large breakfast first thing in the morning, either stopping at a fast food place or eating cooked food at home.  Photo:

I pondered this question and I came to some conclusions:

Eating before work.

Having a large breakfast sure made my stomach happy! but, as I found out many times, I developed tremendous gas with nausea and found myself fartin’ out back!  The client’s weren’t to happy either.  I had one customer that said they would fire me if I pooted one-more-time!  Sheesh.  Not to mention, fistfights with subs and co-workers over just my little gas..

Farting elf

The smells that emanated from my trousers got progressively worse with small silent bursts.  I knew they were my farts but I sheepishly passed the blame — to Johnny! my helper.

I sneakishly made my way to the customer’s bathroom for new unmentionables.  The client said this was okay (NO to number two! ~ an unspoken code held unto the highest of client-contractor relationships, heh).


I confess! 🙁  I am guilty!..

I heard the homeowner whisper, “Don’t hire him back, honey!”

I cannot live this waayyyy! 🙁

Eating later at lunch.

I also found out that if I didn’t eat in the morning and stayed hydrated with liquids only, I was better equipped for tasks in remodeling! I stayed sharp-minded, without pooting of course…er.

I was more urgent in my work performance because I knew lunchtime was at noon!  🙂 I surely could eat a big lunch with the sense of knowing that I took strides in finishing the homeowner’s remodeling project for the first half of today..

I have renewed strength and energy, hallelujah! I have really found the answer, now people will like me again.   In fact, I am more in a hurry to get back to what I love to do and finish up what needs finishin’ during the second half of the day:  Being a Contractor.

I leave you with some positivity blessings.

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