How To Get Your Clients To Love You


We all need repeat customers and referrals that can be created from excellent service.  This is how great remodeling and construction companies stay in business.  Being viable and relevant.  It is imperative to constantly search out new prospects for your business.  A major focus of any marketing push should be to get your previous clients to bark off your company’s name when discussing home improvement or remodeling with their closest friends and colleagues.  Photo: freakingnews

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People want to find the best value for their money.  When searching for a company, most people start off with their circle of friends to get recommendations.  Recommendations go a long way with friends; after all, a friend’s trusty point of view will either make or break a decision to hire your company.

When a person doesn’t get suggested a remodeling company, they will oftentimes search for it on their computers.  They can readily explore a company and find related information on them.  I’ve never been one to believe that a companys’ testimonials held any weight in someone’s decision to hire them.  Any website can fabricate pictures and statements from clients to get you to hire them or convince you.  I’ve even seen companies copy and paste Better Business logos on their sites.

It is really important to have a photo album on hand when displaying all  forms of relevant paperwork to a potential customer, such as insurance, Workers Compensation Coverage, licenses, letters from past customers, and any other accreditation that will shed a positive light on your business.

Because in the end, it really breaks down to a company’s trustworthiness.

Getting your clients to love you is really a simple task. You just have to implement the rules with certainty.  It goes without saying when awarded a project, execute it with precision, to code, and with complete professionalism.  Don’t get too cozy with your clients; this could cause future problems similar to what I call the “working for friends and family effect”.


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These are some guidelines to get clients to love you:

  • Answer your phone and make yourself visible. You would be surprised at how many contractors don’t return phone calls, return calls late, can’t find the contractor, etc., etc.  Visibility doesn’t always mean going over to their house in person; it stands for being visible in your client’s mind.  It stands for clearly communicating with them and being transparent with all issues.
  • Spell out all the details in your contracts. “Contract?  What contract?”  Your job as a contractor is to educate the homeowner — crash course style.  You must tell them the importance of the contract and change orders.  You must tell the homeowner what to expect when work commences.  You must show them that your company keeps it’s word on promises and delivers a product worthy of their paycheck.
  • Keep their property clean! This is very important.  You should strive to clean-up at the end of every workday.  Wear booties when giving an initial consultation if they have carpet.  Do not use their restroom.  Respect the property, even if they say it doesn’t matter.
  • Find a client’s happy button. Be a brilliant listener.  Fine tune your ears to things that matter to them.  It could be they are pet lovers.  Pet their dog or cat.  Say hi to their kids.  Shake the wife’s hand first, then shake the husbands’.  Keep the conversation moving.  Don’t try to over sale yourself.

Point to remember: If a client loves you, they may recommend you to 2 or more friends or family members.  This is by far the best form of advertising.  Let a satisfied customer do the advertising for you.  Oftentimes, with this form of referral, a new client will hire you just because his buddy said so.  Price is of secondary issue.  People will trust a company when the person or company is recommended by their trusted counterparts.

Another point to remember: If a customer hates your company  performance, they will tell any and everyone they can within ear shot about how terrible you were!  They will tell the folks at church, the grocery store, the laundromat, and every place how bad you were; they’ll even scream out to complete strangers about how bad you guys sucked!

Just do it right the first time.

To get love from clients breaks down to giving love.  Take care of their house like it was yours.  When you start getting love back from your clients, you are surely on your way to success.  Don’t be hatin’..

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