How To Pick The Best Employees


Running a small remodeling outfit can be a living hell if you have the wrong people working for you.  Micro-managing a bad employee induces periods of stress and anger.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Rule #1:  Hire people that are similar to yourself. That is the golden rule.  If an employee doesn’t show on time, lacks integrity (keeping his word), is dishonest and such, he should be dealt with. Photos:,

Life is too short to deal with un-manageable employees.  You business will suffer.  On the flip side, if you have model employees on your team, life can be brutiiful!  In a perfect word, every employee you hire would be like you; however, that is impossible.

Your employees can only be great as you show them to be.  They can only be as good as their chief; nothing more.

“These guys…”

Lead by example.  Show your employees you can take the good with the bad; be action oriented. Get in there and show them how its done; you ain’t afraid to get dirty.  Photo:

A profitable business cannot survive with bad workers for long.  They are a reflective view of your company and the company’s owner.  Just like a mother with bad kids at the mall:  The sales lady will look at your terrible kids and say, “Those kids must not have home trainin!”, sharply gazing towards you like u ugly.

You can’t expect every employees to behave like you.  For those that don’t, you’ve got to be proactive; show ’em how you want them to act when they are on company time.  Guide them through the process of greeting the customer and keeping them interested with information: pertaining to them, their house, and their project.

Show employees the things that matter to you as a business:

  • Their clothes. My teen wears saggy jeans.  They have they own ‘style’.  This equals he-don’t-got+no=job.  When employees decide to wear sags in their pants so low that you can see the full shape through the backside, there’s a problem.  Customers notice these things negatively.  They will feel embarrassed and offended.  Not a good look for you and your company.
  • Attitude. Customers and clients expect you to be at their home on time.  If you are running late they deserve a complimentary phone call.  Nothing says “unprofessional” more than not communicating with the homeowner.  Make sure everyone is up to speed on the project.  Key issues related to the processes your company utilizes should be addressed as soon as the time presents itself.
  • Performance. Employees must know how to troubleshoot on the fly.  Un-foreseen situations could exist when opening up walls at client’s home.  Once found, communicate the findings and detail the solution.  Employees must also install products and services according to guidelines set by the company, to code and to the manufacturer’s specs.  Let the homeowner know if they need to put their pet hamster in another room because of lead paint while renovating!

It boils down to one thing. Hire employees that have the same traits and similarities to you.  It just works better that way.

Talk to you soon.

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