Plumber Takes The Pesos And Skidaddles


Emmit the plumber has been taking the homeowners for a ride.  He was to install a simple shower in a guy named Hank’s basement.  Hank is in his 80’s and says he couldn’t find him if he had to.

Hank paid $2,000 bucks and hasn’t seen Emmit since!

Gerald, another guy, hired him to fix a broken pipe in his backyard.  All he got was a bunch of holes and raw sewage back there!  The plumber told Gerald that he was licensed before he was hired so the homeowner had no worries, right?  After all, the plumber’s company was named, “Save-A-Lot Plumbing!”

In the course of working, Emmit Daniels asks Gerald for more money 😉 because the backhoe he was using to dig up their backyard wasn’t large enuff! At least he started the job 🙂 NOT.

The plumber is gone and now Gerald can’t find ’em either. 🙁

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This plumber doesn’t have a plumber’s license nor driver’s license!  He saunters out of the courthouse after facing the judge.

Emmit the plumber advises the interviewer that “You can’t make everybody happy”.  Problem Solver Rob Wolchek asks the plumber, “Are You A Bad Guy?”

The plumber pauses for, like 15 seconds!

He then replies, “I’d like to think not!”

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