Review: The LiftPod by JLG


liftpod assembly

I’m always looking for innovative products that step outside the box as far as usefulness goes. The LiftPod by JLG seems to fit that bill.

What I like about this product is that one man can safely set it up and it will lift you up to 14 feet!  That distance is where we contractors do most of our work when a ladder is needed.  I’m not saying this will replace 20 to 40 feet ladders for roofers, but for the small independent contractor, this thing fits neatly in the back of a pick-up truck!  Photo:

The video claims 330lb weight capacity, so this thing won’t break when a fat guy hops into the cab.  Well, a fat guy under 350 lbs.  This item could be perfect for the contractor who climbs a smaller ladder regularly during the course of his/her workday.  I don’t get paid for these links, however, when I see a product worthy of mentioning, I’ll give it a shout out!

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