Review: Using Google Sketch-up And Time-lapse Videos To Gain An Edge

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Have you guys tried Google Sketch-up to gain an advantage when presenting the homeowner with illustrations of their project?  You can give a client a 3D rendering of their project — straight to their inbox.

This useful software tool combines a tool-set with an intelligent drawing system. It enables you to place models using real-world coordinates and share them with the world.

Bam! Here’s the link for Google Sketch-Up.

What’s sweet about this is that you can then present future clients with past projects —  in a sketch rendering, then transform the sketch into their real-life project.  Here’s an example from MZ Handyman.  Watch at the end how the sketch is transformed…

See how that rendering morphed into the real ting?  That’s because you input the correct coordinates!  It lines-up everything for you.  I know a lot of us aren’t tech-savvy but the good thing about Sketch-up is it’s easy to work with and free.  This kind of software could be used for kitchen and bathroom remodels, where you show them how great their room will look when you guys are finished.  Oh, and not to mention room additions.

It’s really a great selling point.  Here’s another…

You could also offer Sketch-up as a vehicle to close the sale and give your company another edge over others.  Time and space is entirely up to you.

Time-lapse Video.

I’m a fan of time-lapse video because you present your projects to the world in time-lapse form.  The potential customers can see how you put a project together and see “what’s behind them walls”.  In a perfect world, you’d want to include “subtopic” pictures for the different stages of construction.

Check it out..

Here’s some good video cameras with time-lapse capabilities:


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