Slow Down…

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So, I got the contract signed with the homeowner and they are spending big mucho-lottah.  I sold my last job fully prepared and knowledgeable; clients love this kind of stuff!  Photo:

I fully tailored their contract to hashed out agreements and ideas with them; they are on-board for a project start date: Monday.  Today is Wednesday.  Now what?

I slow down by Sunday night.

Monday morning, I get in the work van and drive with no music playing.  I am driving 5-10 miles under the speed limit.  I slow down.  I get into a zen-like mind-state;  this is important.  Once we control the speed at which we go about things, it helps us to focus.  Focus on the task of the day and pleasing the client.

In theory, the object is to zero in and focus on that one customer.  We must  make them feel as if they are our only client.  We at times may lose focus due to rushing.  Rushing to get to the jobsite, rushing to get materials, rushing to complete the job, and rushing to get on to the next prospect.

Rushing is problematic and wrought with mistakes.  We spend more time correcting mistakes than if we didn’t rush in the first place.

Slow down…

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