Take Your Tools With You


It is beyond me why some contractors leave their tools at the job site overnight.  It is your livelihood.  Why the hell do they still do it?

I make it a rule of habit:  NEVER leave any tools!  If you are to tired to pack your stuff up at the end of the day, you leave yourself open to theft.  Some will say, “The neighborhood is safe.  The homeowner said it was okay”.  Ultimately, you the contractor are responsible for protecting your way of making a living.  Photos: fiveprime.org, cracked.com

Tools are very expensive.  I keep my stuff locked in the back of my van with puck locks.  It takes a thief minutes to snatch tools and anything else of value in a home that is unoccupied.  And the shady guys know it.  They know which houses are vacant and getting remodeled.

I see crackheads looking all the time.  Whether copper is the reason they burglarize a worksite or tools, you’ve got to be in the habit of removing your tools every night.  Staying organized and accounting for all tools at the end of the day is the best course of action to protect your business.

Most contractors are one-man/two-man type operations.  Taking a hit from tool theft can become very costly.  If you don’t have the tools to work, you can’t get a paycheck.  If you can’t get a paycheck, your businesses will start to suffer.

One hit like this can put many out of business.  The tools you work with usually aren’t covered by the homeowner’s insurance.  So where does that leave the contractor?  Protecting your own stuff is critical.  Every situation is different.

Will I take my tools with me if I have to run to the local supply store while working at a remodel?  Probably not.  But we are all creatures of habit.  Once you get into the repetitiveness of packing your tools up at night — every night from a job site, you can rest assured that you will know where they are in the morning.

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